Review Star helps you to create and manage engaging, online submission forms using our cloud-based form builder. Whether you are planning a conference, film festival, award nomination, or an entirely unique event, we will help you to connect with presenters and effortlessly manage your planning process. To save you time and frustration, we connect your forms, submissions, and placements through our intuitive tagging system. If you have questions or encounter any uncertainty along the way, we are always happy to help.   Simply reach out to us to request a demo, or get started right away and try it free.

How Tagging Helps

Event planning can be a messy process. There are often dozens, if not hundreds of complex elements that require different workflows. By tagging your data on the front end, you set yourself up for success when the time comes to act. The Review Star tagging system is designed so that it can easily fit into your own workflow. At their core, tags allow you to instantly see where you are so that you can make informed decisions that matter.

What Can Be Tagged

If you have multiple forms intended for different audiences, you can set up a tag that can be used to quickly sort Submissions as they come in. Then, if an individual submission needs additional attention, a Reviewer can single it out with a second tag so that the event planner can investigate. Once the submissions are reviewed and it’s time to assign awards or Make the Agenda, tags can be used to effortlessly group everything into as many buckets as you need. Tags apply everywhere on your account, so you will be able to find what you need every time.

It’s All About Organizing Your Data

Your workflow is unique to you. We recognize this and have built our tagging system so that it is as flexible as your workflow needs it to be. Whether you’re sorting your submissions or you need to reach out to only the reviewers of presentations in “Room B” at 10:30am, your tags will make the process quick and easy. It’s all about organizing your data to give you flexible tools for your workflow.