Review Star provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use committee review solution for conferences, art and film festivals, award nominations and more. Our system supports a fully customizable review experience, allowing you to set up review criteria that are perfectly detailed to the needs of your team. Once you have notified your reviewers, they can begin scoring quickly and easily with just a click. No logins or passwords are necessary for reviewers. Scores and review notes are saved in real time, making your work seamless.


  • Unlimited reviewers
  • Unlimited, flexible scoring criteria
  • Long-form review comments
  • Easy for reviewers, no login required
  • Auto-assign reviewers based on submission content
  • Monitor review progress in real time

How It Works

These are the basic steps. For a more detailed walk-through, see our Quick Start Guide for Review and Scoring.

  • Create scoring criteria
  • Add reviewers
  • Assign submissions
  • Notify reviewers
  • Monitor review progress

You can get started today, and try Review Star for free. If you have questions or encounter any uncertainty along the way, we are always happy to help. Simply reach out to us to request a demo.