Review Star – The Best Alternative To Sessionize

Review Star is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to Sessionize. The user interface is streamlined and simple to use, with an incredible degree of flexibility to suit the specific needs of your event. Modifying each board depending on what it is tracking has been pretty straightforward and effective. Even visually, the platform feels sleek, approachable, and modern.

Why choose Review Star over Sessionize?

  • Call for Speakers

Every event begins with the initial talk submission and Review Star makes it absolutely effortless. No more emails or online forms – Review Star help you to simply have your call for speakers in just a few minutes. Custom categorization is pretty straightforward to setup and it can help a lot at the time of putting up schedule.

  • Review and Scoring

With Review Star, it will be extremely effortless to curate content that will make the event stand out. You can simply invite the content team members to join you in the process of voting for the best submitted sessions. Bring the smart voting mechanism of Review Star to decide on the best content for the event.

  • Speaker Management

Review Star helps to keep everything in one place, which makes it very completely unproblematic to manage for you and the speakers. You can easily edit every session and speaker information in a single place. You can permit speakers to edit or add their information easily. You can even manage service sessions and sessions without speakers.

  • Effortless Communication

Without any doubt, the speakers are rock stars and they must be treated as such. You can congratulate to the selected speakers, quietly eliminate the ones who are not as lucky. Review Star even allows you to take to the speakers, send them information, surveys and reminders, and also arrange travel details. With Review Star, you can never leave a speaker behind.

  • Selection, Scheduling, and Room Assignment

Review Star is the best Sessionize alternative that offers the simplest submission experience possible for speakers. It has got a smart task list to guide you through the entire procedure. It just takes a few minutes to have the call for papers up and running effortlessly and seamlessly. If you prefer, you can create classic username and password account and get an option to customize submission page.

With Review Star, the number of submissions per speaker and number of co-speakers per session can be limited. You will also get email notification for each submission. You also get a feature to search, filter and browse advanced submission, in addition to custom session and speaker categorization and tagging. Moreover, you can even have unlimited number of people in content team with advanced control on speaker edit rights.

Review Star saves your time on speaker management and you will have more time to relax.

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