Review Star – The Best Alternative to Submittable

Do you feel that Submittable is charging more and giving you less? We hear this complaint a lot, from customers who are looking for an alternative to Submittable.

We especially hear it from authors and writing groups. Where Submittable was once the premier platform for submission and review in the writing and publication community, there’s no longer any mention of authors or publications on the Submittable home page.

If you’re not managing grants or scholarships, does Submittable even want you as a customer?

Businesses, universities, and foundations of all sizes have discovered that quality submission management software can save a great deal of time and headaches. Review Star and Submittable are both robust platforms that offer an easy to use and user-friendly online application process, collaboration tools for your review team, flexible workflow automation, and application management features. Review Star is one of the best Submittable alternatives that is not only simpler to use but is much less expensive.

Why choose Review Star over Submittable?

Better Pricing

Are you getting what you pay for at Submittable? We hear from publications struggling to justify their $1400+/year Submittable fees or trying to manage cost by disabling the platform during months when they are not using it.

Review Star believes in fair, transparent pricing. Our feature-rich platform starts at just $299/year, with no hidden charges or games. We exist to make your life easy, not to maximize shareholder profit.

Powerful Platform

With fully customizable submission forms and flexible scoring criteria Review Star allows you to tailor the submission and review process to the exact needs of your team.

Our workflow automation features help align your submissions lifecycle to your process, while sophisticated tagging capabilities help you track and organize your data from start to finish.

Easy to Use

Our submission, review, and administrative interfaces are simple and intuitive, even for non-technical users. Your team will thank you.

Support for Blind Review

Review Star is an alternative to Submittable that offers precise tools within the platform to help mitigate reviewer bias. In Submittable, individual form field responses can’t be concealed from reviewers. For instance, if you would like to capture demographic information in your application form, you will not be capable of hiding that demographic information from the review team without concealing the complete form.

Review Star, by contrast, gives you the flexibility to select individual questions within a form to mask in the reviewer process.

We Love Publishers and Writers

It’s hard to find any information about writers and publishers on the Submittable website. The product information on the home page is directed toward people managing grants, scholarships, and other high-dollar transactions. If you are managing submissions for your publication, you’re probably feeling like a second-class citizen with Submittable.

Review Star loves our publishers and writers. We say it right on the home page, and we mean it. You can read more about out publisher-specific features on our Publishers page.

Are you ready to explore more about Review Star and what makes it stand out as a Submittable alternative? Click here to get in touch with our team of professionals today!