Make the Most of Your Conference Submission Software

If you have organized a conference, you know that managing an event is not a simple task. It comes with a variety of challenges and managing submissions is one of the biggest. When organizing a conference or an event, you can always count on conference submission software by Review Star. It is efficient and professional software for:

  • Gathering and organizing speaker submissions
  • Gathering and organizing award nominations
  • Review, scoring, and selection of submissions
  • Scheduling the conference agenda
  • Submission and review procedures

The software we offer exceeds expectations for the most complex and largest events and conferences for any type of organization.

A professional trade show, convention, and conference do not simply occur. It takes good management in addition to the right tools. Review Star has developed an integrated conference speaker and awards management solution that will help you to take the most intricate events to the next level, so you can boost your business, retain clients, encourage staff, and get the most out of the return on investment.

We have developed a comprehensive process for putting the technology into practice at even the largest events. Our professional services team will work with you at every step of the way, from understanding the conference goals, to recognizing areas of opportunity after the event.

  • Presentation Submissions – Give your speakers a simple, easy-to-use interface for submitting their talk proposals.
  • Speaker Management – Save time gathering presentation ideas and managing sessions. Provide speakers with a hub where they can submit presentations, headshots and bios.
  • Awards Management – Gather award nominations and manage the selection process.

Progress your customer engagement and workflow procedure at the same time with connected data in our conference submission software!