Message Templates

Review Star offers integrated tools for automation and communication with both your team and applicants. Our event management system allows you to create fully customizable email templates that are automatically sent in key situations. We had you in mind when designing our messaging system, and it is guaranteed to save you time and effort. If you have questions or encounter any uncertainty along the way, we are always happy to help.  Simply reach out to us to request a demo, or get started right away and try it free.

What Are Message Templates

Simply put, message templates allow you to set up emails that the system sends to your submitters and reviewers. System messages are fully customizable and can be sent at any point you choose. No one should have to send a personalized thank-you email to each of the 100 participants attending your event. System messages can be sent to individuals or to groups (e.g., all reviewers). Our system messages allow you to create one template that is then personalized for recipients with as many relevant details as you decide to include.

Examples of System Messages

Messages are created in HTML format and can include personalization tokens that are linked with the recipient. For example:

  • Send a “Thank you!” email to anyone who makes a submission.
  • Reach out to all submissions tagged “Accepted” with a congratulatory email.
  • Send reviewers their individual scoring URLs, which makes their task easy and intuitive: “Get email, Click link, Start Scoring.”
  • And don’t forget to send reviewers a reminder that “Scoring closes soon!”