Review Star – The Best Alternative To Submittable

Businesses, universities, and foundations of all sizes have discovered that application management software can save a huge amount of hassle and time. Review Star and Submittable are both robust platforms that offer an easy to use and user-friendly online application process, collaboration tools for your review team, smooth & rational workflows, and application management features. Review Star is one of the best submittable alternatives that is not only simpler to use but is much less expensive.

Why choose Review Star over Submittable?

  • It is more user-friendly

Review Star is a very simple to use platform that can help achieve complex workflows easily. Customers – including the ones who self-identify as less than tech-savvy – rave about how intuitive Review Star is.

Most importantly, there is no coding at all in Review Star – every tool within the platform is designed for non-technical users.

  • It offers extraordinary service across the board

From the beginning, Review Star has made it a priority to hire specialized, thoughtful, and attentive people. Our customers have the benefit of a helpful and responsive experience throughout sales conversions, ongoing account management, and customer support – where we resolve over 80% of customer questions in the first conversation.

  • Enhanced tools to mitigate bias in the review process

Review Star is a promising alternative to Submittable that offers precise tools within the platform to help mitigate reviewer bias. In Submittable, individual form field responses can’t be concealed from reviewers. For instance, if you would like to capture demographic information in your application form, you will not be capable of hiding that demographic information from the review team without concealing the complete form.

Review Star, by contrast, provides you with the flexibility to select which individual questions within a form to cover up from reviewers with differing permission levels.

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