Boost Your Event with Speaker Management Software

Review Star is a powerful platform that makes it easy to attract speakers who resonate with attendees and deliver motivating and enlightening event content. We have designed our exclusive speaker management software that is delightful for event speakers and organizers.

What is Review Star?

The best event content and speakers can be the difference between an event that is astonishing and one that is simply, “meh”.

The software for speaker management from Review Star provides you with the power to attract wonderful speakers and manage their information and details without easily and efficiently. You can be certain that you are providing your attendees with the wonderful event content they want – without the headaches.

  • Collect speaker submissions quickly and easily with a customizable form.
  • Manage the review and scoring process with flexible workflows.
  • Create new reports and update the existing ones to track the sessions that have been allocated to your speakers.
  • Publish selection and schedule data via public web page, or API.
  • Tag, sort, and filter submissions to organize your list the way you need it.
  • Allow the resource management features of speaker management software for PC to efficiently schedule your agenda.
  • Export speaker data to an account-level speaker’s bureau library to be utilized across events.

Speaker management system by Review Star provides every client with the capability of putting on display profiles and speakers all the way through the event website and registration pages with better effortlessness, very much perking up the event web presence of the client and online registration procedure.

By leveraging the speaker management software by Review Star, event organizers increase efficiency and have more time to focus on other tasks important to their events.