Recognizing the best people and projects is an important job for professional associations and conferences. Whether you are presenting an award for lifetime achievement, or recognizing innovative and groundbreaking work by a student team, organizing the nominations and submissions is a challenge.

Review Star offers an integrated solution for awards management that will save you time and headaches, and let you focus on what matters — recognizing great people.

Painless, web-based submissions.  No more emailing PDFs, Word docs, and spreadsheets.  Just simple, beautiful web forms that are easy to use.  No login required!

Custom Form Builder. Create and customize forms for multiple awards.  Whether you have many questions or just a few, it’s easy to create and arrange your fields, producing a form that’s simple and intuitive.

Multiple  Field Types. Combine text fields, long text paragraphs, dropdown lists, and single- or multiple-choice answers to capture exactly the information you need.  You can even include file uploads and agree-to-terms checkboxes!

Required/Optional Fields. Select which fields are optional, and which are required to submit the form.  We’ll take care of the rest.

Flexible Visibility. Control which fields are visible during the review and voting process.

Unlimited Submissions. No overage fees.  Your annual subscription includes all of your award nominations, whether you receive twenty, or several hundred.  View our easy-to-understand pricing page.

Login Not Required. Anyone can use the forms to nominate, without having to create and remember a login.  Don’t lose nominations because the nomination process is difficult and time-consuming.

Cloud Storage. Your submission data is always current, always available, and always secure.  Never worry about whether you have the latest information.  You and your team always have the most current information.

Email Notifications.  Each person nominating receives a copy of their information right away.  You can configure additional notifications, to be sent whenever a new nomination is received.

Export and Download.Your nomination data is always available for export and download.  It’s your data, after all.