Event managers are often stretched to their limit with hundreds or even thousands of details to keep track of during the planning process. Review Star lightens your load by providing intuitive automation and helpful workflows. Building in automation takes less than a minute and can save you hours of work down the line. Workflows allow you to connect with submitters and communicate with reviewers without having to micromanage every interaction.

Message Templates

Review Star offers integrated tools for automation and communication with both your team and applicants. Our event management system allows you to create fully customizable email templates that are automatically sent in key situations. We had you in mind when designing our messaging system, and it is guaranteed to save you time.

What Are Message Templates?

Simply put, message templates allow you to automate emails that the system will deliver to your submitters and reviewers. These messages are fully customizable and can be sent at any point you choose. Our customizable templates allow you to tailor your messages to specific individuals or groups, ensuring that your communications are as effective as they are efficient.

You can get started today, and try Review Star for free. If you have questions or encounter any uncertainty along the way, we are always happy to help. Simply reach out to us to request a demo.